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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is a special edition of "world news." tonight from washington, on the eve of the presidential inauguration, behind the scenes. the quiet private swearing in today at the white house. sasha obama telling her father, you didn't mess up. this evening, the scene inside the white house, outside, the unprecedented security. what they're doing for this inugation, they've never done before. the other news tonight, after the siege, a clearer picture emerging this evening of th the horror. inside that deadly hostage trap. investigators discover more bodies. the fall-out after the football star breaks his silence. what we've now learn after that elaborate hoax.
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and back in washington, what a ball. tonight we go back. who did frank sinatra perform for? who decided we needed more than one of these inaugural balls? >> good evening, from our nation's capital tonight. we are here this evening as the nation prepares to witness the moment that comes once every four years, the presidential inauguration. the constitution requires the inauguration to be held on january 20th, but because the day is sunday, the nation will see it play out tomorrow just behind me at the capital. quietly today, chief justice john roberts administering the oath of office in a private ceremony. the first lady holding her grandmother's bible. all around washington tonight, there's a growing buzz in the air as they get ready. the u.s. marine band rehearsing on the capital steps a short time ago and where the president
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will deliver his inaugural address tomorrow. authorities are expecting 800,000 people to gather here, a massive number for a prt ushering in a second term. we begin with the quiet ceremony at the white house and her chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> it was short and sweet. just 42 words. >> so help me god. >> reporter: with that, the seconds term begins. last time around chief justice ron erts flubbed the words. this time he took notes. tomorrow, president obama will tie a record, tarking the oath for the fourth time. there was a flubbed one four years ago, a redo the next day. today's official oath required by the constitution to be done before noon on january 20th and the ceremonial one tomorrow before his inaugural speech. many oaths since fdr, he was elected four times the challenge for president obama this time it to recapture the energy of four
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years ago when a record 1.8 million people descended on washington to witness the history-making swearing in of the nation's first african american president. nobody expects a crowd that big again. this time, the president will have his hand on two bibles. abera lam lincoln's and martin luther king's. a video released by the white house, the president explained why. >> letting them know there's a connection between me being here, the sacrifices of those in the past, which i think is entirely fitting. >> the man who ran obama re-election campaign says the president will reach out to those who vote against him. >> you'll see a president who wants to work across party lines to get things done. >> reporter: after today's oath was complete, the president's 11-year-old daughter was happy to see dad got the words right. >> did i it. >> you didn't mess up. >> and jon karl is with us. the chief justice bringing notes with him to the white house. >> not going to mess up this
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time. >> the president made hflt here four years ago. a lot at stake. what does he have to accomplish tomorrow? >> this is the biggest audience that he's going to get. theeds inaugurations, not quite as big as the first one, but a huge audience, he needs to set the tone. this is not about specifics of policy, he wants to set the tone. they want to reach out to those who voted against him to try to become a uniifying figure that he wasn't in the first term always. >> see you there. it's a massive job keeping nearly a million people and of course the first family safe. security tighter than ever before. they put up more cell towers to handle the demand. they do not want communications to crash. tonight abc's cecilia vega with a look inside the command center at the route the president will take here. >> reporter: they will be everywhere. snipers dotting rooftops, the coast guard patrolling
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waterways. military fighter jets enforcing a no-fly zone. 13,000 security personnel blangeetting the washington mall on monday. >> with this many different venues, with this number of people coming, requires a lot of cord nagedz and a lot of organization. >> reporter: all coordinating here. the multiagency communication center overseen by the secret service at an undisclosed location. they'll monitor surveillance images and potential threats. the fbi says there are currently no credible threats for monday. the 2009 inauguration was a logistical nightmare. hundreds of ticket holders getting stuck in the tunnel. authorities say this time will be better. >> it's always such a different feel when you come down for the inauguration. there's extensive signage, social media sites to follow. >> this year there's an app for that. it picks up where you are, tells you where the viewing screens are and the nearby events,
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telling me, i'm right on the parade route. >> along that 1.2 mile stretch of pennsylvania avenue, from the capital steps to the white house, undercover officers and s.w.a.t. teams out in full force. >> you were telling me, they're expecting a crowd larger than the second inaugusterals for presidents clinton and bush tomorrow. >> you say about 800,000 or so people. one officer for every 61 people present. going to be out there too watching from behind a bullet-proof glass viewing area. will he get out and walk with the crowd? we don't know. we saw him do it three times in 2009. so we'll be watching tomorrow. >> you'll be right here with us. you know as well as i do that today was a glorious day in washington. dare i say it, sunny and warm. we checked and it's expected to be upper 30s noon here tomorrow. about ten degrees warmer than it was for his first inaugural. look at these pictures tonight. perhaps you'll remember in 1985,
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it was so cold, so much snow in the capital, that's all you saw. ronald reagan's swearing in ceremony was moved inside. the wettest on record for fdr. he decided if the crowd could brave the elements so could he. rain or shine, abc news will be here covering it all beginning tomorrow morning with a special addition of "good morning america." diane, george, the entire team will all be here. we hope you'll join us throughout the day. speaking of the weather, we'll turn to the bitter cold stretching a big part of the country tonight. it's on the move at this hour. clayton sandell tracking the front. >> reporter: a weekend weather mess across the plains and midwest. >> this year definitely the worst i've seen. >> reporter: around fargo, north dakota, roads were barely drivable. sub zero blizzards bringing 50
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mile an hour winds. >> reporter: across the detroit area, those winds knock the out power to about 200,000 customers. in utah, icy roads turned highways deadly. this pickup careened over a guard rail in salt lake city, crashing 30 feet below. the young couple, their unborn baby and four dogs were killed. by monday much of the northeast can expect snow and cold. the upper midwest is already in a deep freeze. a minus 14 windchill in wisconsin today. told enough to turn boiling water into freezing mist. and as for those bitter cold temperatures that gripped much of the west last week, they've moved on. in denver today, a balmy 46 degrees. david? >> clayton, our thanks to you. we'll turn overseas now to the aftermath of that terror attack in north africa. today bomb squads making sure the facility is now safe. but they also made a grim discovery.
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dozens more bodies. the death toll now at 81. as we hear from those who survived, word of a chilling message from the bhan who claimed to have planned it all. here's brian ross. >> reporter: as the bodies of more hostages were being discovered inside the sar har an desert facility today, many badly burned or maimed, the absolutely horror of their experience became clear in recordings of phone calls made by one hostage in broken english to authorities outside. >> we have prisoners. we have hostages with bombs on the body. please call back, please call back. >> an al qaeda commander followed up with this in arabic. we will kill the american hostages here. we will slaughter them. we will not kill them. we will slaughter them. survivors said one captor spoke excellent english and may have been from canada and that many terrorists were dressed as security guards. making the decision to run for it difficult.
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>> when you don't know what's out there, and we know that the terrorists threat seem security forces, it was a huge decision, do you stay or do you go? >> reporter: the rogue al qaeda leader, mokhtar belmokhtar, has now taken credit for the attack according to an african website today. we and al qaeda announced this blessed operation he was reported to have said. the chairman of the house intelligence committee told abc news, the u.s. new the al qaeda group was looking for a western target in the area. we didn't know it would be this place under those circumstances, but we knew they were trying to find and complete a target against a western target which this clearly was. >> of the ten americans at the plant, seven escaped or were freed. one is confirmed dead. still no word, but growing concern about the fate of two others who are believed to be inside during the final assault,
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david, by the agjeerian army. brian, thank you. turning new to a headline out of new mexico tonight. a terrible shooting incident. police say a teenage boy about 15 years old, facing murder charges for the deags was a man, woman, and three children at a rural home near albuquerque. investigators say several weapons were found at the scene, including an assault-type rifle and that the victims were all shot multiple times. just a day after thousands of gun owners rallied in state capitals across this country. the campaign was organized to push back against the drive by president obama to reign in gun violence in this country. david kerley is at the white house tonight. >>r. >> reporter: after a shot gun is accidental fired and three people hit. in two other states, two other accidental shootings at gun shows with two more injured. but it wasn't chaotic everywhere. >> hey, we finally made it in!
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>> reporter: calling it guns across america, supporters turned out opposing the president's plan. >> reporter: gun control was not on the president's second 46 term agenda until what he called, the worst day of his presidency when he was told about the massacre at sandy hook elementary. he now mentioned this effort nearly daily. >> to protect our children and protect them from the horrors of gun violence. >> reporter: the public is behind the president on some of his proposals. gun show background checks an owner database, banning high capacity magazine clips. but a ban on assault weapons appears unlikely as republicans push back. >> this is not designed to solve the problem of violent crime. this is designed to assuage liberal partisans -- >> reporter: it's not just republicans. the white house admits not all democrats are on board. >> i do think things have changed since newtown. we're going to twist the arms of democrats and republicans and engage the american people on this debate. >> supporters inside and outside
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of the white house say they plan a 50-state strategy to get some of these proposals through congress. david? >> david kerley tonight across town at the white house, thank you. we have a sports note tonight about stan the man. tonight baseball fans are mourning the loss of stan musial. he won three world series titles. he received the medal of freedom from president obama in 2011. stan musial died yesterday at the age of 92. still much more ahead on "world news." from washington, we have more on the twisted tale of that football player, manti te'o. could there have been more victims in that tangle mystery? then later, the inaugural ball, now so many of them. tonight we learn who was behind that grand idea. we'll be back.
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manti te'o. >> i think at the time they were messaging anybody that was, you know, well known in the poll neetion community. >> reporter: tessi tolutau says she was one of four people duped by the frankster who fabricated an entirely new person who for years acted as tessi's pal and the notre dame star's girlfriend. >> he wrote, she keeps talking like she knows everyone and i'm thinking it's a prank. >> reporter: he was questioning whether she was real as far back as 2010. who created that fake person that fooled so many? ♪ >> reporter: victims say tus soapo, a devote church leader, posting dozens of video on youtube. but secretly, he was enlisting friends and even his 9-year-old sister to trick the notre dame line backer into believing his
6:18 pm
fake girlfriend was real. the nearly four-year deception began to unravel in early december when te'o received a call from lennay kekua, the girlfriend he thought was real, three months after she was supposed to have died of leukem leukemia. >> and i went to a rampage. how could you do this to me? >> we know five people who have been duped into believing this beautiful woman was real. hearts have been broken, reputations tarnished, but so far no crime committed, no charges pressed. >> matt, our thanks to you. when we come back, you'll remember this familiar theme. ♪ batman >> holy badman, you are not going to believe what someone paid for the real bat mobile. when we come back, we'll tell you where he plans to park it. tr the real bat mobile. when we come back, we'll tell you where he plans to park it. g paid for the real bat mobile. when we come back, we'll tell you where he plans to park it. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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divas performing, including beyonce, lady gaga and alicia keys. no word on what the singer will sing or what she'll show up wearing. turning now to the quote. celebrity baker david who says glitter will be all over the place. six cakes will include a replica of the white house, the presidential seal will weigh 50 pounds, covered in star, stripedz, glitter, and lots of butter cream frosting. you can tweet me at david muir on twitter. a note about tomorrow night's "world news," we headed ought all over washington to where they're selling souvenir. we wanted to check for the three words, since it's the presidential inauguration. did we find, made in america? that's tomorrow right here on "world news." when we come back tonight, we head back to the inaugural balls of the past. who was it that wanted more than
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president and the first lady will be putting on their tux, their gown, and heading out to those inaugural balls. tonight we wondered, when did this tradition begin? and why now so many of them? ♪ it wasn't called an inaugural ball, but george washington did hold one, one week after his inauguration in 1789, 300 quests. our first president is said to have danced. the tradition officially began with james madison. first lady dolly madison hosting. $4 to get in. while dolly is said to have enjoyed the ball, her husband remarked, i would much rather be in bed. in 1865 the ball following lincoln's second inauguration, 4,000 dancing the waltz. oysters and roast beef believe served as a giant table. >> washington turned out in all her splendor for the inaugural
6:27 pm
balls to be held in honor of the president. >> after world war ii, this image those the newly inaugurated president and mrs. kennedy leaving the white house for five balls in 1961. and who was waiting? ♪ you make me feel so young >> frank sinatra. jfk started the tradition of inviting the famous to enjoy the fanfare. more than two decades later, the ragans dazzling the crowd with the salsa. with tuxedo junction playing. in 1989, an exuberant george r.w. bush and first lady barbara bush. ♪ the song, i could have danced all night. his son, george w. bush, dancing with first lady laura bush for just seconds. less than a minute on each ball
6:28 pm
they attended. ♪ make a wish baby >> and there was that saxophone moment. at his second inaugural. ♪ unforgettable. >> there were 14 balls that year. and four years ago -- ♪ at last >> beyonce, the first performance for the first couple, ten balls. and in between balls, the obamas riding in a golf cart giving their feet a rest. and the first lady wrapped in her husband's jacket to keep warm. she'll need that jacket tomorrow here. that is "world news" for this sunday night. our inaugural coverage begins tomorrow with a special edition of "good morning america." see you tomorrow. goodnight.
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